Thursday, July 31, 2008

HRC complaint?

As I said yesterday. I support free speach. So while I think this man is a fool, I do not support a complaint about him to the hrc thought police. It seems to be a joke poking fun at the hrcs after all. The hrcs would never hear compliants about insults to Christianity. Attacking christianity is an HRC mandate.

It's also worth noting that Skoreyko's human-rights complaint looks like it took all of about four minutes to fill out. Assuming this is all a stunt to poke fun at the out-of-control human-rights industry (and its double-standard with regard to Christianity vs. politically correct minority groups) that is probably part of Skoreyko's point: Filing a human-rights complaint is such a simple process — you can do it in minutes over the Internet, and you don't even need a lawyer — that one can hardly be surprised that it has become such a popualr pastime among cranky grievance-mongers.

After all, what have you got to lose? Once the complain is filed, it is prosecuted at government expense — and you can just sit back and watch your target squirm.

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