Monday, April 21, 2008

What will dion run on?

The grits have spent the last several months trying to smear HM Government, while backing all the legislation proposed by HM Government. So if the hapless grits defeat HM Government, what exactly will they run on? Once again I say bring it on dion!

Liberal leader Dion needs some help, and on the double

Stéphane Dion hasn't been able to implement a single policy to present Canadians as an alternative to the ones presented by the Harper government.

By Angelo Persichilli

TORONTO—I don't know who Stéphane Dion's advisers are, but the office of the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, it seems, has a revolving door busier these days than the one at the grand Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa. And I suspect that Dion's office is used more as a parking spot for defeated Liberals than a place where issues, programs, and strategies are debated, generated, and implemented.

After almost one-and-a-half years since his election, Dion has been unable to implement a single policy to present to Canadians as an alternative to the ones presented by the Harper government. He lives on clips that his advisers read in the morning newspapers and coach him to throw into the afternoon daily Question Period. When the evening comes, Canadians are already busy watching the Stanley Cup playoffs or American Idol.

Even this desperate attitude might be useful if done intelligently. But don't hold your breath. The first rule when attacking the enemy is to use your strength against the enemy's weakness. So what do the Liberal political scientists do? They attack the Conservative government on allegedly being corrupt. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

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hunter said...

Excellent find. Not all reporters are blind followers, some deserve to be read, and this is one good read.

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