Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A June Election?

The grits at elections Canada seem to be trying to give their buddies something to attack the Tories with. They called the media and their grit friends to watch them make a mockery of justice. Fortunately no one in the public seems to be paying much attention. Except apparently the grits who are once again sabre rattling. Bring it on grits!!! Bring down HM Government . The Tories are ready.

OTTAWA -- Stéphane Dion wants to spend the summer selling the idea of a national carbon tax on fuels that damage the environment. His top advisors are telling him that he still has work to do convincing Canadians to buy what he is selling and the summer would give him time to craft a campaign narrative.

Unfortunately for Mr. Dion, many MPs in his caucus have other ideas. Sunshine and two days of negative headlines for the Conservatives over the RCMP search of the governing party's office has produced an outbreak of election fever in a Liberal caucus already itching for an election over the Tories' immigration legislation. That will come to a vote in the House of Commons in early May and, since it is a confidence measure, if the Liberals join with the NDP and the Bloc Québécois in opposing the government's plan, we will have an election in mid-June.

The odds are the party would lose heavily. Many opinion polls suggest the two parties are neck and neck, but insiders from both suggest that when voters are asked who they favour -- Stephen Harper's Conservatives or Stéphane Dion's Liberals -- the results are much less encouraging for the Opposition.

One senior Liberal said the government's problems are meaningless unless Mr. Dion can project a range of bold policy alternatives.


wilson said...

But, think again Dion:

Ontario won't create carbon tax: McGuinty
Feb. 21 2008

The Canadian Press

hunter said...

I almost wish I didn't live in Edmonton, campaigning here is pretty easy.

No, I take that back, it's fun here in Conservative land! Bring it on Liberals, bring in on. Carbon tax? Does Dion seriously think that's a winner? HA.

We Albertans still remember him coming here and talking about "easy" money.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Bring it on, Dion! And with this latest Liberal-EC-RCMP photo-op, I'm mad as h*ll, and ready to take 'em all on!!!

wilson said...

Unless Dion changes his greenplan for the 9th time, he is promoting a 10% biofuel content.
Cons plan is 5%.
Endless reports on how 'biofuel' is causing starvation across the planet!!!
Seems Libloggers aren't aware that their leader wants to starve the planet twice as fast as PMSH...

'You won't vote, we won't vote' says a sign carried by ethic groups infront of Rae's office.
Strange they singled out Rae for their protest.

So Dion is faced with losing their immigrant vote, with the ROC thinking:
Majority believes Canada coddles minorities
Poll reveals deeply divided attitudes toward immigration

Globe and Mail

April 17, 2008
h/t nationalnewswatch

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