Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jim Travers thinks the the whole grit party needs to be revamped

Jim Travers is a very fristrated man. he is openly a grit cheerleader and it is killing him to criticize the party he so obviously adores. The grits and dion are so incompetent that even this cheerleader can't stomach them.

Lost in the last election's ethics and accountability noise was that a lot of voters weren't buying what Liberals were selling. Blame it on the billion dollar gun registry fiasco or public dissatisfaction with federal service delivery, but when given a choice Canadians often opted for small change in their pockets over another grand social scheme.

That's particularly problematic for a party that still believes, with considerable justification, that government remains an agent for good but has yet to brainstorm what it means to be a progressive political force in the 21st century. Liberals skipped that step in their rush to Montreal. They now find themselves with a leader who can't tell the party story Liberals have yet to write.

Just for laughs, imagine Dion stumping the country telling voters to again trust Liberals to wisely spend taxpayer money while Stephen Harper talks about family values, individual choice and government intentionally shrunk so small that its more a nuisance than an obstacle to personal gain. Or, to put it in howler context, think hypothetically of Liberals arguing to reverse Harper's GST cut to have more money to spend on fighting poverty or climate change.


hunter said...

"the cost-efficiency of federal programs."

Well that's the Liberal problem in a nut shell, they think the government is cost efficient.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Jim Travers I know?
What's he been drinking? That must have really hurt to write!

jckirlan said...

The answer to the bent of this article from the communist Jim Traverse, is right is the first sentence.
"St├ęphane Dion is not the worst Liberal problem. It's the party's failure to peer into the mirror."

It is clear that the soul of the Liberal party is being fought for behind closed doors. I am sure one faction much more left wing than the other.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited. Travers is issuing a clarion call to the Libs. He sounds like he is giving them hell but what he is doing is giving them advice.

Travers hates all things Conservative and will say and do virtually anything to push forward the Liberal agenda.

Just watch the MSM in the next election. Dions faults will be minimized and Harper's will be magnified.

Steve V said...

"he is openly a grit cheerleader and it is killing him to criticize the party he so obviously adores."

LOL, when was the last time Travers wrote a positive piece on the Liberals??? You guys are a riot.

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