Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Men don't like dion

We are always hearing that women are more likely to vote grit. Well it seems dion has a bigger problem. Men don't like him. His weakness in the house and his ability to control his own party make dion look very weak. many men and many women don't want a weak man as a leader. dion is not a leader
Conservatives correctly complain the oft-documented aversion of women voters to their leader is actually less pronounced than male discomfort with Mr. Dion, a trend increasingly evident in Ipsos-Reid polling numbers shared with senior public servants last week.

Ipsos-Reid president Darrell Bricker notes that the traditional softness of male support for the Liberals has drooped to an alarmingly flaccid state since Mr. Dion became party leader 16 months ago.

The Harper Conservative male-voter lead over the Dion Liberals is now at an almost insurmountable 14 points -- 41% versus 27% for the Liberals.


hunter said...

The wimp against the warrior, I love it! Oops maybe I shouldn't I'm a female.....I still love it! Canada needs a warrior, not a wimp.

Jim said...

I could never vote for a man that eats a hotdog with a knife and fork.

I am sure Dion does have a certain loyal male following though...urban latte sipping metrosexuals that are secretly afraid of Stephen Harper.;)

Babylonian said...

The funniest thing happened when I asked a co-worker of mine, a Russian engineer, what he thought about Dion about 7 months ago. He said "I think Stephane Dion is not a leader" in his thick Russian accent.........lol.

Funny also how the liberals were complaining that Harper was painting him and throwing feathers on him, however it looks like many liberals are begining to concede his inability to lead. I blame it all on Kennedy. Finally we get our moment to laugh.

Babylonian said...

Lol @ "metrosexuals"

Thats the second time I heard that, I am going to use that. I love thinking of new ways to define the Toronto "Elite" Kaviar Krowd Komrades. (I happen to like caviar)

Anonymous said...

Dion always reminds me of the kid who has sand kicked in his face at the beach by the big muscular guy. He looks so wimpy no wonder most men look at him and say...why would I support that?
Can you see Dion standing up to world leaders? They would take one look at him and dismiss anything he had to say even if they could understand what he said.