Monday, January 28, 2008

A sad day of remembrance

Today is the 20th anniversary of the decision on Regina vs Morgenthaler.
Michael Coren give a grim assessment of the results of that terrible decision. A decision that forces me and others who disagree with this judicially sanctioned killing, to pay for this mass killing.
In those two decades almost two million babies have been killed in what is supposed to be humanity’s safest place, the womb. It has also cost more than $1-billion of public money, in that the taxpayer is obliged to finance this elective surgery. In that same period numerous necessary medical procedures have been de-funded by governments that would not dream of removing a penny from state-funded abortion, no matter how wealthy the woman who demanded the procedure.

The last 20 years have also seen a curious twisting of the debate around the issue and a monumentally successful campaign to marginalize pro-life opinion. Politicians are told that to even discuss the policy would cost them votes — though polls repeatedly show Canadians are divided on the subject — and opponents of abortion, whatever their views on other issues, are portrayed as wide-eyed zealots.

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