Saturday, January 26, 2008

Defeat for children and life

Judy Rebick and NAC are what I call radical feminists. They think that abortion is a triumph. They don't want men involved in any debate about abortion, but they believe men should pay for anything they do.
Rebick like the global warming cult want to shutdown debate. They say the issue is
settled. It is not.
Colby Cosh makes the point that even the original ruling never foresaw abortion on demand.
And this fact really confirms the fundamental wisdom of the Morgentaler decision. The overturning of the old legal regime was decided on a 4-2 vote, with Justices W.R. McIntyre and Gerard La Forest in dissent. The pair wrote that "there is no evidence or indication of general acceptance of the concept of abortion at will in our society." This must now stand as one of the great inadvertent jests in the history of the court.
Though I totally disagree with Cosh that Canadians want this anarchy. It is cowardice from our politicians who are afraid of the controversy and the angry voices of the death cult. It is a defeat for children and humanity.
See also Joanne and Suzanne.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Interesting point that abortion at will was never foreseen. Yet nobody does anything about it.

hunter said...

Guess the old "the issue is settled" shtick works well for the "progressives". You know they are losing the agrument when they pull that one out.

In this day and age, when women can get birth control pills, why are abortions even needed anymore? Even if a women gets pregnant without being married, it is not a societal issue like it was back in the 60's, but it appears that the feminists want us to stay there and not "progress".