Monday, July 30, 2007

Trudeau and Morgentaler top worst Canadian list

My readers are probably quite aware that I despise Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I am so glad and he and fellow abortion lover Morgentaler ranked 1 and 3 on the worst Canadian list. Trudeau was an arrogant socialist hypocrite. he claimed to be devoutly Roman Catholic and proceed to disgrace his church. He disgraced his Queen and his country.
The list of his failures is long including the National Energy Program, massive deficit spending, corruption throught out his cabinet,arrogance, swearing in parliament and ultimately revitalizing the separatists of Quebec by repatriating the constitution without Quebec and then defeating Meech lake and Charlottetown out of spite. We should have expected little more from this English hating fascist supporter.He deserves this title.
Of course the list is not particularly scientific and Conrad Black, HM PM Stephen harper and HM PM Brian Mulroney also unjustifiably appear on this list, but it oes give a little joy to see that arrogant, licentious, socialist Trudeau top the list


Marc D. said...

I'm glad he's up there, too. But Morgentaler should have been #1. I can't think of a worse example of a human being (well, maybe Bernardo & Homolka, but they aren't fawned over by the press like the abortionist is).

By the way, nice blog. Bookmarked it!

Anonymous said...

LOL - this poll was a joke, we know, but did you see that Harper is up there too?

About the Queen - it might be hard for you to take - but most Canadians don't give a darn about her.

Your worship of her is disturbing to say the least.

Odd - that the names on the list our only those of recent times - with all the years of history, murders, events, people - they come up with only recent people. This was a joke wasn't it - I'm sure it was.

Why weren't all those priests that abused children on the list? What about holocaust deniers?

What we need is a credible poll done. I have to wonder why we need to be so negative as to do a poll on the worst of anything? Doesn't say much about our society right now.

Anyway - we don't need the Queen - the richest welfare family in the world. We do fine on our own.

Balbulican said...

Dr. Roy, you provide an invaluable lesson in the schizophrenia that afflicts ideologues of any bent, left or right.

It's a wonderful poll because it damns a couple of people you don't like. It's an unfair and unscientific poll because it damns a couple of your heroes.

Good grief. Most of us leave that kind of simple minded bipolarity behind us in grade school, my friend.

I Support Lord Black