Friday, July 13, 2007

Appeal the Verdict!

Lord Black has been found guilty on 4 0f 13 charges of fraud. I think he has just been convicted of being wealth and privileged. His lawyers should appeal. I don't think the prosecution met their burden. Needless to say I am very unhappy with this verdict.

Jonathan Kay's piece is also worth reading.


Anonymous said...

I also feel so incredibly upset about this verdict. Oh wait, actually I don't give a sh*t. With all of the injustice, I just can't find the time to give half a damn about a rich a**wipe with a sense of entitlement who was found guilty in a court of law.

He's a criminal now, so he should suffer the full treatment of the law - that's the tough-on-crime conservative approach. Throw the book at him.

Anonymous said...

If he was convicted of being wealthy, then the jury would have convicted him of the charges that related to his lavish spending, and they didn't.

He clearly thumbed his nose at the law when he removed boxes even though the courts told him not to.

It was a fair verdict, and if he's a man, he should know that. No one is above the law. This has nothing to do with him personally, and it would be shameful and demeaning of him to put himself out as the victim here.

Balbulican said...

A couple of points, Dr. Roy.

1) Black was convicted by a jury that had been carefully screened by his high priced legal talent for bias - and approved.

2) Black had one of the strongest defense teams money could buy...and they STILL were not able to convince this jury of peers...who THEY THEMSELVES had screened...that he was innocent.

To suggest that this is some kind of peasant's rebellion against the rich may satisfy the need of ideologues to believe that Mr. Black is innocent, but it's simply not true.

I Support Lord Black