Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Prime Minister Harper

HM PM Stephen Harper was born April 30, 1959. He is 2 years older than I am.
By hard work he has achieved quite a lot. I voted for Peter Mackay at the time of the merger and was not so happy that Mr Harper won the leadership race. I now admit I was wrong. HM PM Harper is an excellent leader and I am very happy that he is the leader of the Tory party.
He may not be all that charismatic , but he is much better than that. He is intelligent and loyal. He respects Canada's traditions and stands up for what is right, even when it costs votes. He also, in the words of the song, knows when to fold them. Every day he is in power, he defangs the grit scaremongering machine. Scott Reid ,the beer and popcorn moron ,has written a piece in the red star that HM PM Harper is not so smart after all. Reid has stopped with the scaremongering attacks, because even a grit hack like Reid sees they will no longer work. I have confidence HM PM Harper will lead the Tories to a majority and will help put a stake through the heart of the grit money sucking, soul destroying criminal conspiracy party.
I want to wish Mr Harper a very happy birthday and many many more! The grits and reid are the gift that keeps on giving.


benalbanach said...

Heh heh...You're jokijg..right?

Alberta Report said...

That's a pathetic, mincng suck up worthy of the best conservative losers. You must bring in free coffee for your boss at work and tell on your coworkers. Man, what a schmeeb.

'been around the block said...

I agree with everything you say, Dr. Roy.

Canada is blessed by this unlikely leader. Unlikely, because he doesn't seek the spotlight--in fact, he's uncomfortable in the limelight--and because by all "measures," especially in the MSM, he was considered to be unelectable. (Remember the best prime minister we never had? Robert Stanfield? Because he didn't present well in the media?)

Well, Stephen Harper sure showed them! He's smart, he knows Canada's history, he doesn't grandstand (unless he absolutely has to for strategic reasons), he's not a lawyer, he's not a multimillionaire, he's an "ordinary" Canadian...and he understands that government is for ALL Canadians not just his friends and supporters.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Prime Minister! And many happy returns. You're THE BEST!!

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