Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dion allies try to silence dion critics:shut up

Dion's trouble in caucus must indeed be large . Diane marleau got up in a caucus meeting to tell fellow grits to shut up. If she believes this is an effective way to quash the impending rebellion, I have news for marleau. It is dion's incompetence that drives the grit grumbling. perhaps she should tell dion to shut up and not put his foot in his mouth so frequently. Factional warefare does not seem to be improving in the grit organization. Good. I would love to watch the grits tear themselves to shreds for a change.

Marleau tells fellow Grits to ‘shut up’ about Dion

By JOAN BRYDEN The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Liberal MPs got a short but pointed lecture Wednesday about the havoc loose lips can wreak on a political party and its leader as they continue to languish in opinion polls.

Sudbury MP Diane Marleau went to the microphone during a closed-door caucus meeting and, according to insiders, asked all those who wanted to lose the next election to raise their hands.

Not one hand went up.

"If that’s the case," Marleau reportedly said, "you all need to shut ... up."

After a brief silence, the assembled MPs and senators gave Marleau a standing ovation.

Her terse tongue-lashing followed several weeks of griping from mostly anonymous Liberals about their novice leader, Stephane Dion. The grumblers have questioned Dion’s political skills, his judgment in entering into a non-compete agreement with Green Leader Elizabeth May, his choice of staff, and stagnant poll numbers....

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