Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Negotiating with evil

For Taliban Jack, and those who believe we can negotiate with the taliban, here is a cautionary tale.

Perils of bargaining with Taliban

The Gazette
Published: Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The news from Musa Qula will prove unpalatable for those who say NATO needs to negotiate with the Taliban.

This hamlet in Helmand province was, briefly, a place where just such negotiations seemed to have succeeded. Last fall, NATO commander General David Richards worked out a deal with local elders and the region's Taliban guerrillas: Both armed forces would stay out of the town, leaving control to the elders...

Almost immediately the taliban returned, showing that their word is worth nothing. Their philosophy is not to negotiate but to destroy and dominate.
Fortunately NATO forces will retake the town and have killed a senior member of the taliban.
A senior Taleban commander who tormented British troops in northern Helmand has been killed in an airstrike against rebels who have overrun the town of Musa Qala.

“This key Taleban leader was well known to have commanded insurgents within the Musa Qala district and was directly responsible for the recent uprising and insurgent attacks within Musa Qala,” said Squadron Leader Dave Marsh, a spokesman for Nato troops in the south.

So much for negotiating with evil.

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Anonymous said...

Taliban Jack bin Layton has had plenty of time to organize a trip to Afghanistan, so when exactly is he going over there to negotiate with the Taliban?

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