Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tom Cruise and his "religion" are more dangerous than I thought

I just finished seeing a CBS investigative show called 48 Hours Mystery.
I have previously said how dangerous Tom Cruises's comments on psychiatry are. I didn't realize how much the fake religion scientology opposes psychiatry. Apparently the "founder", L.Ron Hubbard wanted to wipe out psychiatry. Members are brainwashed against psychiatry, but not against other parts of western medicine.
48 Hours tells of the case of a son who became schizophrenic and was not treated by his loving parents, because all three were scientologists. In one of the boy's psychotic breaks , he stabbed his mother 77 times and she died. There was also a case in Florida where a young woman was treated the scientology way for mental illness: isolation and restraint and she died.
These cases are really frightening. Tom Cruise should be ashamed of belonging to such an organization. Katie run with Suri.Save yourselves from this insanity.


Anonymous said...

want to find out about scientology? see it on the web official site only please.

Modemac said...

The most informative, unbiased, and extensive overview of Scientology in the world today can be found at Wikipedia. The articles there offer links to both sides of the controversy involving Scientology, both positive and negative:

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed to single out one member because he is famous.
Are you jealous?
He is a victim, like normal people belonging to this organisation. What don't you say they should ALL be ashamed?
What a stupid comment with Katie and Suri.
Broken family, is that what you wish for?
Shame on you.

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