Friday, June 16, 2006

President Bush's Approval Numbers Rebound

  • NEW YORK — A new FOX News poll finds that Americans overwhelmingly see Iraq finalizing its government as a victory -- and most see the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi that way as well. President George W. Bush’s job approval rating is out of the thirties for the first time since February and currently stands at 40 percent.

  • Much of the increase in support comes from the president’s party. Fully 82 percent of Republicans say they approve of Bush’s job performance, up from 71 percent last month and a low of 66 percent in April. Overall, the president hit a record low of 33 percent approval in April 18-19.


    Americans are confident the military will fully investigate the Haditha incident and prosecute troops found to be responsible for wrongdoing. According to the poll, more than seven in 10 say they are confident in the military investigating Haditha: 36 percent "very" confident and another 35 percent "somewhat" confident.

    Furthermore, a majority of Americans (61 percent) says the allegations do not make them question the character of U.S. troops overall, though a somewhat sizable minority (35 percent) says the allegations do make them concerned.

    About three-quarters of the public (74 percent) think incidents of troops mistreating Iraqi civilians are isolated -- four times as many as think the problem is widespread (18 percent).

    Similarly, when asked how many U.S. troops serving in Iraq are "decent people doing an excellent job and treating Iraqi people with respect," a 57 percent majority agrees that describes at least 98 percent of U.S. troops.

    "Taken together these numbers suggest that Americans are not repeating the Vietnam era mistake of blaming the troops for the consequences of the policy, but instead are blaming the policymakers," comments Opinion Dynamics Chairman John Gorman. "As we’ve seen in survey after survey, Americans are tired of hearing bad news about Iraq. The death of Zarqawi and the finalization of the government are ‘good news’ for change but Americans clearly don’t see them as another of the ‘turning points’ that have disappointed them in the past."

    More good news for the Republican party. Most Americans believe in their soldiers. And President Bush's numbers are climbing. There may be hope after all in November.

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