Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Revolting decision of Quebec Appeals Court

  • Pedophile's sentence too harsh, court rules

  • A Montreal man convicted of sexually assaulting his young daughter and posting pictures of the crime on the internet has had his prison sentence reduced by the Quebec Court of Appeal.

    In a 2-1 ruling on Tuesday, the court ruled the man's crimes were not among the worst sexual assaults ever committed, and agreed to reduce his sentence from 15 years to nine.

    "There was no violence, such as gagging, threatening or hitting the child," Judge Lise Côté wrote.

    The 32-year-old — who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughter — was found guilty in March 2005 of sexual assault and of producing, possessing and distributing child pornography.

    The assaults started when his daughter was 24 months old and lasted for two years.

    The man, who is a father of four, was given the maximum sentence of 15 years in prison in November 2005.

    When the court reduced that sentence on Tuesday, Côté cited the man's young age and the fact that he has only one other criminal conviction (for sexually assaulting another child when he was 17).

    The prosecution's case was based on roughly 5,000 pictures and 5,000 videos found on the man's computer, some featuring very young children.

    This man is clearly a danger and obviously the court of appeals should not have reduced his sentence, He raped a 2yr old and filmed it for other sickos to see. The crime has to be the worst rape ever to get the maximum sentence?? I now. more than ever support manditory minimums. The manditory minimum for such brutality should be life in prison, with a chance of parole in 30 years (with castartion )and no chance of parole otherwise.This seems an unbelievable ruling. 2 of the three judge panel are incompetent and should be replaced. The man "only assaulted" one other child. If these judges knew anything, they would know that pedophile usally have many victims before they are caught. The sicko is a father of four. You want us to believe he don't abuse the others? Thankfully he will not have an easy time in jail, where even other convicted criminals view such people as scum. He will not be welcomed by his fellow prisoners. Good! The two judges should join him in prison.


    The Strong Conservative said...

    Excellent post, that is a travesty of justice. The offender in question should be shot, publicly.

    Tolerating this kind of behaviour by society will lead to the disintegration of our society.

    Anonymous said...

    The next time any lefty moonbat spouts off about "respecting the impartiality of the judiciary" in response to a conservative criticism of the courts, point them right back at this decision and ask them if THIS insanity is what they mean by impartiality!

    Impeach those judges! If there's no impeachment process, create one just for them!

    hunter said...

    The judges are clearly out of control, jail them for bad judgements like this one! Totally disgusting. I thought the swingers decision had gone too far, but, this, well, this is a clear indication that judges are out of control.

    John said...

    The silence on the part of the legal community is well worth noting.

    I Support Lord Black