Sunday, May 28, 2006

Belinda may Finally Derail Political Arrangement of Clintons!

The fiberal Jezebel, Belinda Stronach apparently is being mentioned as
  • being Bill Clinton's main adultress.
  • Bill Clinton says their only friends. He also said that oral sex is not sex! The big question seems to be will Belinda attend Bubba's 60th birthday party in August? perhaps she will sing for Bubba( like Marilyn Mun roe).
    "Clinton and Stronach met five years ago at a charity benefit in Toronto. They have since met often enough for the New York Daily News to have dubbed her “Bubba’s blonde pal”.

    Old doubts about the state of the Clintons’ marriage were revived this week by a remarkable front-page New York Times article that researched their movements and found that they spent an average of 14 days a month together.

    “When the subject of Bill and Hillary Clinton comes up for many prominent Democrats these days, Topic A is the state of their marriage — and how the most dissected relationship in American life might affect Mrs Clinton’s possible bid for the presidency in 2008,” the newspaper said.

    If history repeats itself and another glamorous blonde sings “Happy birthday, Mr President” from the stage of Madison Square Garden, Democrats will be praying she is Hillary."
    Belinda may be the final nail in the coffin that is the sham Clinton marriage. This will be a great start to Hillary's electoral campaign to be US President.


    TangoJuliette said...

    I suppose that'd make Clinton Canada 'relations' more Bushy than whatever the blazes the neo-commie lites think is going on with Harper and Gee Duya.

    As long as the yanks don't get to do to Canada that horizontal chacha Razorback HogBoy is doing to the future Liberal Prime Minister of Tonront.


    Can you say, "Here sooo-eeee?"

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, you really are heartless.

    Surecure said...

    Probably the most interesting thing is that if Hillary wanted to be President, she should have dumped Bill during the Monica Lewinsky uproar. Had she done that, she wouldn't be tied to Bill anymore and could have come out swinging in '08 with talk about how she wanted to "bring dignity to the office" again... or some other bogus line.

    Talk about poetic justic. She tied herself to the stone and now that it is going under, she doesn't stand a chance. Had she dumped the chump, she could still have been floating.

    Anonymous said...

    How can you possibly call Belinda glamorous she is quite possibly one of the uglyest women ever!

    Raging Ranter said...

    Finally, Belinda will accomplish something in politics that I actually agree with. Preventing Hillary (Billary?) from becoming president is a wonderful contribution to North America.

    vicki said...

    Has anyone else noticed a resemblance between Hillary and Belinda?Too funny...

    I Support Lord Black