Monday, May 29, 2006

Babies with club feet aborted

If you needed more proof that abortion is wrong,
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  • “ MORE than 20 babies have been aborted in advanced pregnancy because scans showed that they had club feet, a deformity readily corrected by surgery or physiotherapy.
    According to figures from the Office for National Statistics covering the years from 1996 to 2004, a further four babies were aborted because they had webbed fingers or extra digits, which are also corrected by simple surgery. All the terminations took place late in pregnancy, after 20 weeks.”

    “It was strongly suggested that we consider abortion after they found our baby had a club foot,” said David Wildgrove, 41, a computer programmer from Sheffield, whose son Alexander was born in 1996. “I was appalled. We resisted, the problem was treated and he now runs around and plays football with everyone else.”
    Pippa Spriggs from Cambridge, whose son Isaac will celebrate his second birthday in July, was also dismayed when a scan halfway through the pregnancy revealed that her baby had the defect.”
    “Abortion certainly was not openly advised, but it was made clear to me it was available,” she said. “In fact he has been treated and the condition has not slowed him down at all.”
    These conditions are easily and completely treatable. Since abortion is completely on demand we also see abortions of healthy female babies. Ultrasounds are being used by some parents as a way to make designer babies. This is utterly immoral and shows how arbitrary abortion is. What next? Abort if the IQ is less than 110?If they have brown eyes? If they don’t have blonde hair??
    It is a horrible thought. Our societies have reduced babies to commodities. It is very sad and bodes ill for our future.


    E J Hosdil said...

    Thanks for bringing this sick pratice to our attention. I just can't understand what is in people's heads.

    Joanne (True Blue) said...

    This is absolutely shocking. Thanks for the link. I may post something about this, and I will give you a H/T.

    Joanne (True Blue) said...

    Dr. Roy, what would entice a doctor to perform such hideous procedures? Is the money good? How does this align with the Hippocratic oath?

    Roy Eappen said...

    Some are true believers. They have chnged the Hippocratic Oath so that it no longer states never to do an abortion. THIS GIVES BOTH
    Morgentaler has become rich off his clinics of death