Saturday, March 25, 2006

UNC Terrorist Incident

The Muslim student who ran over several fellow students at University North Carolina , Chapel Hill, will be tried for attempted murder not terrorism or hate crimes. The school is not calling it a terrorist incident. Here is a letter from student leaders saying that is exactly
  • what it was.

    HCD said...

    It is up to the police and state attornies to determine if this merits prosecution as a hate crime. Furthermore, the suspect is still innocent of all crimes (hate or ordinary crimes) until proven guilty. Neither the university administration nor student political groups are in an appropriate position to determine his guilt. We do not know if he was even criminally responsible or fit to stand trial. It may turn out that that this person was in the throes of a psychotic breakdown and completely out of touch with reality.

    Justice must be served. It does not serve justice to politicize this before the system has even acted.

    The kerfuffle over the cartoons is an illustrative example of what happens when groups with agendas hijack an event without allowing the wheels of jutice to turn. In that case, the publishers of the cartoons could have been charged in a civil suit by those who felt it was hate literature. Such a suit would have likely not proceeded far in any Western jurisdiction.

    It brings discredit to free speech if groups here adopt the same tactics by judgong and condemning without a fair trial.

    Roy Eappen said...

    Perhaps if you read the letter I posted you would see that such prosecutions are quite selective.This man openly confessed to this hate crime. It is up to his attorneys to show him insane, which is very unlikely.
    Theses are more attempts to whitewash crimes by Muslims against non Muslims. To try and show Islam as a eaceful religion. The evidence shows the opposite.

    hCD said...

    The letter that you cite was not written by the assailant. The quote was not released by the authorities, and the group releasing it did not disclose how they acquired that information. Information sources should be measured more critically. There are many groups and individuals out there who would take advantage of people that accept second-hand information as the basis for single-minded condemnations.

    Do you believe that your source would be accepted in any court of law?

    Roy Eappen said...

    The letter was not entered as proof. The man';s own words and actions will convict him . The standard for legal sanity in the US is knowledge of right from wrong. His actions show planning. He rented the SUV he used to try and murder the other studentsThe terrorist made several statements public acknowledging the crimes and the reason for the crimes: to avenge Muslims. My point is that other such crimes are treated as hate crimes, so should this. I accept the statements from the terrorists mouth.

    Winston said...


    I Support Lord Black