Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Terry Schiavo

I believe that life is a gift of God and we should thus hold it as sacred. That is one of the reasons that abortion has always made me very upset. I do believe that we have some right to die with dignity though. The heroics that we as physicians can do are sometimes too much. Indeed the Catholic Church has said these extraordinary measures are not required. The church has gone to court to stop extraordinary measures on Priests and Nuns. Indeed Pope John Paul was allowed to die without the usual heroics at his home.
I was appalled at the Terry Schiavo Case. She died a year ago this week. 90% of deaths in North America involve stopping or withdrawing care now. When there is no hope to prolong life artificially is eveil. Since I believe in an afterlife , it certainly is against the will of the Almighty.
To suggest that her husband was uncaring and unfeeling is ludicrous. Terry was already gone, only her shell was left. I was quite annoyed by the actions of the Republican leadership. That is strange for me. This was not a real right to life case , but a death with dignity issue. I have to help make these decisions frequently and let me tell you it is hard. Any of you who have been in suvh a situation with a parent or loved one know. Give Terry's husband a break.
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    HCD said...

    I appreciate your thoughts on this question! I am most offended when propogandists from any side take advantage of private situations for their cause and in so doing victimize the people they claim to be helping! This was a profoundly private affair. It brings discredit to the conservative side and also the progressive side that this family has been further damaged by Christian fundamentalists and leftist ideologues.

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